The territory

The Agricultural Company Cavallini 1919 is located in Oltrepò Pavese in the Municipality of Corvino San Quirico, in the Mazzolino district.

The Oltrepò Pavese is a geographical area of the Lombardy Region, located south of the river Po and included in the Province of Pavia. It has an area of about 1,100 sq km and includes seventy-eight municipalities and borders the provinces of Alessandria, Genoa and Piacenza.

It is an area with high national and international accessibility, well served by the A21 Turin-Piacenza-Brescia motorway (Autostrada dei vini) with a tollbooth at the Municipality of Casteggio, and by the A7 Milan-Genoa motorway with a tollbooth at Casei Gerola.

The diversity of landscapes characterizes this area: from north to south we find a short alluvial plain, then the hilly Oltrepò Pavese and the vast mountain area.

For the presence of prestigious agricultural areas mainly in the hilly area, a good environmental quality and the presence of qualified human resources, we can say that in Oltrepò Pavese the interaction between man and the environment has not disfigured the territorial surface and the quality of the wine product is associated with the quality of the landscape.

Our territory is great naturalistic, landscape, historical and artistic interest, the ideal setting for spending pleasant days, offers the opportunity to visit suggestive religious buildings, walk in the villages to discover ancient architecture and castles, visit the cellars, museums, have lunch in the numerous restaurants and farmhouses, practice cycling and admire suggestive views from the numerous lookout.

Where we are

Geographic location

Oltrepò Pavese in the Municipality of Corvino San Quirico

This territory was formerly seat of a rustic villa owned by the Roman family known as the Corvini, from here probably derives the toponym Corvino, which we find mentioned for the first time in a document of 936 when Ottone I gave the court to the monastery of San Salvatore in Pavia.

The Municipality

Until 1871 the municipality kept the name of Corvino, from this date on it was called Corvino San Quirico.


How to find us

Follow the directions

The provincial roads that cross the hilly area have a great panoramic interest, even if it is possible to enjoy suggestive views of the hilly territory from the Via Emilia (formerly Strada Statale n. 10).

Point of reference

The fraction Fumo is the largest inhabited center. It extends over the plain and is crossed by the state road. Here you can find the elegant Santuario della Madonna di Caravaggio inaugurated in 1939 by Don Orione.


The Municipality is easily accessible. It develops partly on the plain and partly on the hills. It is between 80 and 263 meters above sea level and the overall altitude excursion is approximately 183 meters.